We use an enquiry based approach focused on creating self-awareness, generating developmental action and facilitating growth. The foundation is any industry standard leadership assessment tool like GLOF, DISC, Strength Finder, MBTI etc. The aim is to visibly improve leadership performance and results based on eliminating self-limiting beliefs and biases, developing broader perspectives and understanding of self and environment. 


Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a relationship where the coach challenges and inspires the client to dig deeper into her own beliefs, biases, thoughts to understand oneself and be able to overcome self-limiting habits and evolve to be better versions of themselves. We use a robust process involving your key stakeholders or an industry standard assesment method to determine your strengths and areas for improvement.

Transition Coaching

If you are starting or preparing to move to a new role, we will help you prepare for the transition and deal with the change. 

In the current business climate, if you have to be better prepared for unexpected change in your working situation, transition coaching will help you work thru the fear and focus towards getting yourself ready

Career Coaching

If you think you are stagnating in the current job and don't think your capabilities are being fully utilized, the process of finding what next can be confusing, scary and make you feel lost. We can help you recognize your life's purpose, your strengths to determine what to do next.