Digital Transformation Leader, Trasers

I am glad that you have started Lumen to provide Executive/Leadership Coaching using much acclaimed Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching methods.

I thought it appropriate to recollect my experiences of you as a coach in my Leadership roles.

I was a part of your team around 2004 onwards, and we had an exceedingly challenging job of managing highly demanding, knowledgeable Global customers on one hand and a large high-performance team on the other. As the Head of our business group, while you efficiently managed and grew the Delivery Operations and Fiscals, the more important part for us was to drive the trust factor with our clientele and Teams.

You were exceptional on coaching us on this front – helping the second line leaders on understanding the nuances of becoming trusted advisors, managing customer expectations and developing the ability to look around the corners and facing uncertainties and adversities. This helped us to scale the business exponentially with stupendous growth and highly motivated teams.

I am proud to have seen most of our team members growing to executive leadership roles in global companies, all made possible through your exceptional coaching abilities.

Thanks Gowri, for all your coaching In my career 

Testing Practice Leader


I am so grateful to you for the time you have given me to restructure my career.

The mentoring session on career development made me think deeply about what I have done so far in my 20+ years in the IT field and identify patterns of work that I performed  hands on, my interaction with customers and interaction with my coworkers and managers. Looking at my career objectively with this 3D view lead me to discover astonishing aspects of my own personaliy.

For example, I discovered the pattern of kind of accomplishments that  I gravitated towards achieving throughout my career, irrespective of my assigned task.

With customer facing skills, I discovered a patterns of assets I have with building good strong relationships. 

With interaction with my peers and superior was my biggest breakthrough. As with most humans, I carried my luggage of not getting this appreciation or that promotion or pay hike despite all the outstanding product delivery and excellent customer facing skills I had showcased. 

Your questions made me introspect and discover a facet of my personality that has prevented me from growing to where i always aspired to be but never could get to. I am confident that this knowledge and the changes I intend to bring in my attitude will help me, not only in my career but in my personal life as well. 

General Manager, Tier 1 IT Services Company

 I have been coached by Gowri over a period of two months when I was going through a period of uncertainty in my career. Coaching by Gowri helped me to organise my thoughts and plan for my career transition, which included a change of place and a search for a new role. It also helped me clearly understand my strengths and articulate my priorities succinctly, helping me to take action with them in focus. This was a stressful period and coaching from Gowri helped me deal with the practical difficulties as well as emotional challenges that came with it. Gowri’s experience and expertise as a coach gives her the maturity and empathy that helped me identify my challenges and concerns, and deal with them comprehensively. 

Associate Director, GRC Products Company

 I had the good opportunity to take an interactive coaching session from Gowri, recently. I had requested her for a session, as I needed help in clearing my thoughts & prioritising my future plans.
The discussion was done in an engaging, thoughtful and thought provoking manner and I actually opened up to her about things that I had not consciously thought about ! At the end of the session, I felt light hearted, clear in mind about what I would like to really do. I am very very impressed and would love to have few more thoughtful sessions like these.

Thank you so much Gowri, I did mention the above to you after our session, but wanted to place my heartfelt message and gratitude to you here.

You are an excellent coach and I hope there would be many like me, who will benefit from you !